Vote for Cassius

Cassius is the beloved dog of owner Kelly Carney and Livingston Braisted Horton.  He recently lost his battle against cancer after fighting hard for almost two years. We would love to honor him by winning this competition and getting his face on a limited-edition Thimble Island beer while also raising money for the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter! Please consider giving him a vote or two! $1 donation per vote.  


Cassius's Story

Meet Cassius, he was our 90 lb pit bull rescue.  He was found abandoned, starving and with a broken leg in a Hartford park in CT. He was taken in by the Hartford Animal Shelter and the wonderful staff was able to get him surgery to fix his leg. When we saw his face we knew we had to take him in.  We went to meet him and he was even sweeter in person, he just wanted to give lots of kisses. 

  Mammal - Cassius's Story

When we brought him home he was still in recovery and needed to stay off the leg for almost 3 months.  Keeping a 6 month old pitbull puppy inactive for 3 months was challenging to say the least.  Once he finally healed we learned quickly that he LOVED to be active. His favorite things included chasing the hose, swimming, trying to catch bubbles, and the snow.
Nature - Cassius's Story     Bulldog - Cassius's Story
In late summer 2022 Cassius was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma a bone cancer that was most likely caused by the metal rod placed in his broken hip when he was a puppy. We amputated his back leg and he went through 5 rounds of chemo.  He was doing quite well but unfortunately the cancer eventually spread to his lungs in July 2023.  We did everything we could for him until his passing in March 2024. He was an amazing dog, truly one of a kind and will be greatly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to have met him!